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Read this story for an insightful look into one couple's struggles coping with, and ultimately defeating harassment.

The Stevichs (Christine and Tim) lived quietly in their community for over a decade without any problems. However, after renovating their home, they suffered years of shocking, persistent harassment and menacing interference from a group of strangers that proved to be dedicated to subjecting this couple to a veritable laundry list of disturbing acts. 

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About This Provocative Title

The title, suggested by Christine Stevich, comes from the words of one of the nasty characters the Stevichs encountered. In this way, the Stevichs have used part of the negative energy directed at them from their experience to their benefit.

After personally living through the events detailed in this book, Tim Stevich knew he needed to write of his family’s experiences. In today’s heightened political climate, Tales from Asshole Road is intended to help raise awareness of harassment and intolerance, providing others with a first-hand account of how one family learned to cope and endure through such hardships.

Tim lives with his wife outside a small town in Ontario, Canada.

Contact Tim Stevich

I encourage you to contact me if you have comments about this story. I would also appreciate suggestions for book signing events, anti-bullying awareness or media interest etc.


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Reader Reviews

Could not put this down.  I read this book in a single weekend...I could not put it down! I was so caught up in the grief these people were put through by a group of deranged delinquents. The truly disturbing part is that this is not fiction. You don't need to look to Hollywood or the supernatural to find "evil" can be just down the road from you sitting around a picnic table. I was so impressed with the courage of the Author and his wife, and for not giving up. These "delinquents" picked the wrong couple to harass. Special mention to their local police for their half-hearted assistance. I guess they are there to "serve and protect" as long as it is not too difficult or time consuming.

You Should Read This! Amazing story.

Wow! Loved the book. 

Loved your was cathartic on so many levels... I loved the way in which you developed each of the characters... brought together the essence of each chapter with your candid observations and theories at the end of each chapter...I couldn’t put it down.

Really enjoyed it! I couldn't put this book down, loved how the author left you hanging after each chapter!

An amazingly read! A truly suspenseful and thought provoking book! Difficult to stop reading .... wanting to know what happens in the next chapter. Unimaginable harassment endured by this couple over many years with little support from local law enforcement agency.

Great book! A detailed description of unsettling events — kept me engaged to the end! I feel like I lived through some of it while reading it!

Great book! This is a well written book, looking forward to reading the next one.

AMAZING BOOK. This should be a movie. You cannot put this book down.

A crazy true story! This could be a movie.

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